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Digital Audio Recording

A commercial court use Digital Audio Recording and Transcription Services (DARTS) technology .DARTS provides the following services:

(a) Recording

All the proceedings will be recorded digitally in FTR Gold format and SpeechCAT 8

(b) Playing back of audio

With the leave of the court, playback of current and old audio can be done upon request.

(c) Dubbing audio

With the leave of the court, a CD-ROM copy of the audio record of the day’s proceedings can be provided at a fee at the end of each hearing day upon request. The request should be made no later than 3 pm on the hearing day.

(d) Transcription services

With the leave of the court, both English and Chinese transcripts can be provided at a fee upon request.

SpeechCAT 8

This product is everything the Voice Writer needs and wants and then some! For use with Court Reporting, CART, Captioning and Medical Transcription. Provide speech to text translation in Realtime using your choice of three speech recognition engines (Dragon NaturallySpeaking, IBM Via Voice or Microsoft Speech Engine) while recording multiple channels of audio. Create Stenographic Symbols instantaneously as text is created in Realtime.

FTR Reporter

FTR Reporter is a software-based solution for capturing, annotating, playing back and managing the record of proceedings. Central to the FTR Gold family of products, FTR Reporter supports digital recording of 4-channel audio (and video, if desired). In addition, it incorporates all of the functionality found in companion products such as FTR Log Notes, and TheRecord Player, thereby facilitating linked note-taking as well as review and playback.