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History Background

In 1993 a Legal Sector Task Force was established by the government to look at complements to the legal system that would provide a positive climate for investment and economic development. In connection with the far reaching economic reform programme by the government, it was recognized that a well functioning legal sector was a prerequisite for the success of the reforms.

The proposal recommended a higher degree of specialization in the judiciary with the establishment of a commercial court within the Civil Division of the High Court.

The Government of Tanzania endorsed the recommendations in 1997. The Commercial Court was officially inaugurated on 15th September, 1999. It is a division of the High Court of Tanzania. The difference with other High Court Registries is that this court specializes in the determination of commercial disputes only.

The court commenced its business in the rented premises at Upanga Maweni Street. Later, moved into its own building on 27th and 28th of January, 2001 after the building was refurbished by DANIDA.

The building was officially inaugurated on 11th May, 2001 by his excellency president Benjamin William Mkapa. Currently, it is based in Dar es Salaam with sub-registries in Arusha and Mwanza. Plans are underway to open more sub-registries in other High Court Zonal Centres, such as, Mbeya, Dodoma and Tanga.