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Hon. Judge Stephen Murimi Magoiga


Justice Mr. Stephen Murimi Magoiga is a judge of the High Court of Tanzania.

He presides in the Commercial Division DSC00518and adjudicates on significant commercial matters on a daily basis, in addition to , matters involving public law, company law, contract law, Arbitration matters among others. In addition to that, Justice Magoiga, is the Chairman, of the Fair Competition Tribunal where he presides over competition appeals from Regulatory Authorities concerning competition issues in commercial and business communities in the country. Justice Magoiga was transferred to Commercial Division of the High Court in April 2019 where he serves to date.

Prior to his judicial career, Justice Magoiga spent more than 20 years in public and private legal practice with a significant in criminal law, intellectual property law, civil laws, human rights law, land law, labour laws, and company law and was responsible for advising on, and active litigating several cases in all these areas in Tanzania Courts where  he gained vast experience in prosecuting and defending cases in courts of law.

Justice Magoiga also worked as District Executive Director of Kishapu District Council, where he was responsible for all administrative and financial matters pertaining to development of the District.  During his tenure as Director, Justice Magoiga got unqualified audit of  the  accounts of the  District which was formerly marred and accustomed with qualified audit from the  office of the Controller and Auditor General of the United Republic of Tanzania. So, Justice Magoiga has extensive experience in leadership and was pioneer and successful founder of Kabonde and Magoiga Law firm in Lake Zone of Tanzania for over 11 successful years.

Soon after joining the judiciary in  April 2018, following his appointment His Excellency Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli, the president of the United Republic of Tanzania, Justice Magoiga, was stationed at Dar es Salaam District Registry where he was handling myriad of both criminal and civil matters were assigned to him.  In February 2019, Justice Magoiga was again appointed by His Excellency  Dr. John Joseph Pombe Magufuli to be the chairman of the Fair Competition Tribunal, a Tribunal which is responsible for adjudicating issues in the country . Justice Magoiga holds that position to date.

Justice Magoiga holds a Law degree from the University of Dar es Salaam, in 1997 and Masters of Laws from University of Aberystwyth, Wales, in the United Kingdom in 2004.  Justice Magoiga was admitted as advocate of the High Court and subordinate courts thereto by Chief Justice and became member of the Tanganyika Law Society (Tanzania Mainland Bar association) and East Africa Law Society since 2005 where he at all material time been active member till when he was appointed to the bench.